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Thesis Writing Help

MyAssignmenthelp provides thesis help and thesis writing services to students seeking a myriad of degrees (usually at the Masters’ level), including MA, MS, MSN, and MBA degrees. We specialize in customizing our assistance for our clients, to help them receive approval quickly and efficiently. Our clients contact us in order to get an advantage of our expertise and complete attention.For a more detailed description, you can visit our main Page for gaining deep insight into the way we assist our customers with their work.  A general overview of the services we provide for our thesis help is given below:


Personal consulting on your project. 

The personal consultation that we provide assists us in gaining a complete know how of the client’s university requirements and their personal objectives for the thesis that they have opted. This level of personal attention ensures that you receive approval as efficiently as possible.

  • Customized assistance based on your needs. Many of our thesis writing clients come to us with a completed thesis and need help revising the work based on specifically requested revisions. For such cases, our team gives a due attention to review the changes and provides them with a plan which completely and ideally addresses the changes that has been requested by your designated adviser. The services also include any additional revisions that are required in order to assist you in getting a 100% approval for your thesis.
  • Distinct focus on your methodology. We lay our complete emphasis that the methodology either qualitative, quantitative, or mixed should be comprehensively reviewed because of the fact that it is a corner stone on which your study is based. Even if your thesis is near completion, it never hurts to confirm that your methodology is sound.
    • Our methodology assistance begins by consulting with you regarding how you plan on conducting your thesis. We give due consideration to the data that is present at your disposal and the data you can collect potentially.
    • On the basis of access to data that you provide, for the sole purpose of determining a quality research design either qualitative, quantitative or mixed, we work with you on one to one basis. We also provide due consideration on choosing the most appropriate application such as Quasi Experimental, Predictive, Case Study, Experimental, a Grounded Theory study, Phenomenological Investigation and Correlation respectively for your research work.
    • With the completion of determination of the key factors required for your methodology, we start reviewing or may assist in developing a plan that is related to data collection, questionnaires, interview protocols and instrumentation. This includes our consulting on the reliability and validity of your research to provide a literature-based justification for your methodology.
    • Since the methods section is a key factor that drives our clients’ success, we developed a short presentation on how we approach this important section.
  • Literature review assistance.The revision, expansion and development of literature review is one of the most frequent requests that we receive from our customers. The way we approach these services is as follows:
    • Through the use of our wide-ranging database, we firstly discuss and find the germane and seminal research that is related to your field. There are more than 8500 different academic journals that are present in the database.
    • We provide assistance in reviewing the most recent and appropriate studies, focusing on the relationship they have with your thesis.
    • To ensure a solid literature review we also help identify the gaps that exist in the literature and help to identify where your research could be important.
    • Critical examination of the current literature and inclusion of this analysis in the chapters, assists in developing a literature review that contains more than just a list of quotations and summaries. We help you create a critical discussion of the topic based on recent studies and your work’s contribution to the field.
    • For the sole purpose of providing our clients with multiple perspectives, we also offer an in detail discussion on the cost and benefits that are associated with each study as we believe that objectivity is also important when it comes to research.
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods data analysis help. Our clients come to us for thesis help at all phases of their analytic process.
    • We can provide you with assistance before you commence withthe analysis of your data. We can provide consultationin between the phase where you are conducting your analysis. Furthermore, we can also work with you as your personal team and monitor your work while also feed you with valuable ideas that are necessary for your research. Thereafter, we cannot only review the task that is at hand but also correct any mistakes that are present in your analysis as per the request of your adviser after the completion of your analysis.
    • Since many thesis projects include primary and/or secondary data analysis, we’ve become familiar with a wide variety of government databases, school-based data, standardized test data, medical data, financial reports, in addition to virtually every type of qualitative data such as interviews, focus groups, primary historical documents, and speeches, among many others.
    • The help that we provide for your thesis analysis includes not only the assistance with quantitative methods such as T-tests, MANOVA, MANCOVA, ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression, Factor Analysis, Generalized Linear Modelling and Factor Analysis but variouscomplicated approaches such as Path Analysis or Structural Equation Modelling as well.
    • We can also help with qualitative methods ranging from Content or Thematic Analysis and Narrative Inquiry, to in-depth analytic techniques such as Grounded Theory or Phenomenology.
    • Other than the points listed above, our team also ensures that the result of our clients areapproved because of the fact that we pay due attention to any request and question that comes back to us after the reviewers of the study have checked it thoroughly.
  • Discussion section help. After the completion of the analysis of your study, our team can also provide assistance with the discussion of your findings pertinent to the appropriate literature that is present in the client’s literature review. We provide an in-depth assessment of how your study fills the research gap it set out to address. We also suggest areas for future research and discuss practical implications of the results of your thesis.
  • Thesis defense preparation. For an effective preparation of your defence, we pose ourselves as teachers and make sure that you are fully prepared and confident enough to present your work in front of the review board. For a better idea of how we approach this assistance, please visit our Dissertation Defense assistance page. You can also click here to download a sample of our PowerPoint presentation.
  • Final editing and presentation. After the completion of your thesis, we can provide assistance in conducting a detailed editing of your study with the help of usingany key editing standard which include Chicago, MLA, APA, Turabian and Harvard. We would ensure that your document is ready to submit based on the grammar, sentence structure, overall formatting (both for your selected editing standard and your University’s requirements), references, citations, preliminaries and appendices.